My wife and I moved to Arlington, Virginia in 1988, right after graduating from college. Our hometown in the midwest was experiencing 14% unemployment at the time, and the only other city we knew was Washington DC, because my wife went to school there. We moved out with one month’s rent and got jobs as administrative assistants. We have worked our way up to owning a house and having two children in Arlington’s excellent public school system. We are grateful for Arlington for being a safe, clean, excellent place to live and to raise a family, and also for having a thriving job market. We would like other people who move to Arlington to have as wonderful of an experience as we have had, and so we are gathering all the information we can about Arlington and publishing it here.

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  1. Hi there,
    I was delighted to find your site and hear of your fervor for Arlington. My name is Bill L’Hommedieu and I’ve been an Arlingtonian since the late 60s, born in Washington and grew up in Fairfax. I’m working on a project called Arlington Then & Now, a 10×10 calendar of Arlington’s history and would love to send you the PDF for your feed back. May I use this email to attach the PDF!

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